Concorso News

2017 Al Fresco Lunch Options

There is no better way to enjoy a delicious lunch than to enjoy it al fresco! Our exclusive Al Fresco luncheon is sponsored by Grundy Insurance for you to enjoy while you are celebrating all things Italian with us. There will be an exciting menu of delectable food available for you dine on, such as Chicken Forestier and penne pasta with a lusciously creamy sauce, accompanied by garden-fresh mixed greens and a lovely dish of skillfully sautéed vegetables.

Relax and enjoy your day with us as you dine on the delectable foods expertly cooked for your palate by The Choke Coach, paired with the exquisite wine that has been brought to you by Esser. Don’t miss the opportunity to upgrade your day with us at Concorso, and have a taste dining al fresco with great food, drinks, and an amazing atmosphere to bask in!                                                                                                   

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