Seventy Years of the Lancia Appia

Join our Celebration There is something quite special about the Lancia brand.  It has such a storied history of beautifully sinuous cars with luxurious elegance.  A brand seen so regularly in cinematic history, from the 1930s to 1960s, the American automotive audience might not be appreciative of the brand’s contribution to automotive excellence. This year… Read More

The Quattroporte Turns 60

In 1963, sixty years ago, at the Turin Motor Show Maserati introduced a prototype of a four-door full-size luxury sports sedan called the Quattroporte. Setting the automotive world on its ear with such a large car also being incredibly sporty, the Quattroporte is still with us, having gone through six generations of designs. Over the… Read More

How About Something Italian and French

Automotive history is replete with new manufacturers, fading manufacturers, joint ventures, sales of brands, acquisition of brands, and even blending of brands.  This short story is about a blending of two venerable brands.  It was short-lived, but it was wonderful. All automotive enthusiasts are familiar with the French manufacturer named Citroën. We have not had… Read More

Fiat X 1/9, Photo Contest Winners and early pricing ends soon

The Diminutive Sports Car FIAT & Bertone X 1/9 – our first announced celebration for 2023 A little over 50 years ago Fiat introduce a Bertone-designed mid-engined sports car.  It was named the X1/9 and was the successor to the Fiat 850.   The car has a wedge shape conceived by Marcello Gandini while he was… Read More

Bizzarrini Wins Concorso Italiano Best in Show

On a wonderfully sunny day at Bayonet Black Horse Golf Course in Seaside, thousands of enthusiasts gathered to celebrate the glory of Italian automobiles. As health restrictions have been lifted, the Italians arrived from “across the pond” with incredible enthusiasm. The joy and conviviality was a return to the pre-Covid days. Many beautiful cars crossed… Read More

Al Fresco nearly sold out!

The Al Fresco Lunch as been a very popular sit down and enjoy a wonderful authentic Italian lunch experience as created by Luigi’s Kitchen. Last year we sold out both lunch venues. The 12:30 seating is sold out, and there are a few spots left for the 11:00 lunch. Your last chance to know you… Read More

New Items at CI Club

Two new special features exclusively for the CI Club members. We have a presentation of a new product that is promising to be a great addition to any table – hemp!. This is not a CBD product, nor is it a product with any THC content at all.  Rather it is one of the most nutritious greens, sprouts, herbs and… Read More

Connect2Cars, August 17

A morning show interview format hosted by the infamous Wade Kawasaki and Nicholas Bergeron to interview global designers and museum experts over a wonderful breakfast spread put on by Bayonet. Then drive with these Icons of the Automotive world through the beautiful countryside of rural Monterey County – rolling hills and winery-lined roads. Ending at… Read More

Last Call for Lamborghini Club Judging at Concorso

Any car enthusiast knows the name Lamborghini, that it brings together cutting edge styling and technical design while delivering the pinnacle of performance. And similarly by its name, Concorso Italiano is the best place to see Lamborghinis.   Once again we have a number of noteworthy Lamborghini anniversaries this year: 2022 looks like it may… Read More

Concorso Italiano