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Fabrizio Giugiaro Designs Best In Show Award

Each year we ask a prominent automotive designer in Italy to design the Concorso Italiano Best In Show Award.  The Best in Show Award 2022 was born from the creative and visionary hands of Fabrizio Giugiaro, a name that needs no introduction in the world of car design, and always has been emotionally linked to Concorso Italiano.

There is an artistic vein that runs through several generations of the Giugiaro family.  Fabrizio’s father Giorgetto, his grandfather Mario, his forefathers Luigi and Paolo were painters, musicians; Fabrizio continues across their artistic footsteps over the years. This vein is evident in the cars so many of us love to see, and it is just as evident in the Best In Show Award.

The Best in Show Award 2022 created by Fabrizio Giugiaro is a synthesis of shapes and emotions, a new way of interpreting the history and culture of the automotive industry: the award hides an object capable of expanding cultural, mental and temporal boundaries by generating dreams and empathy. An object that hides the lines of a car, as if it wanted to give a glimpse of the profile of an Italian super car of the future. The award, with the sinuosity of its lines, the purity of its volume and the eccentricity of its color creates an immediate reference to an Italian racing car, whose shape remains hidden, ready to reveal itself in all its beauty. By drawing the car, Fabrizio outlined its history and outlined its next steps. Time will celebrate its nature.

It is a strong emotion to create such a prestigious award that demonstrates the important relationship that binds me to Concorso Italiano” – says Fabrizio Giugiaro.

The award is manufactured by SuperStile an Italian company founded in 2015 by Davide Palmisano, Franco Palmisano and Riccardo Agostino, professionals who have more than twenty years of experience in the automotive sector, especially in the field of prototyping and the creation of 3D models. SuperStile is headquartered in Moncalieri and in the coming months it will open a new operational headquarters in Maranello.

The realization of the award began by milling the excess material from a solid block of semitransparent Plexiglass, with a computerized numerical control machine, to obtain the shapes that the designer Fabrizio Giugiaro previously designed and created in 3D. The finishing process was carried out following a more artisanal working method, with sanding and polishing performed carefully by hand in order to eliminate any imperfections, concluding with the painting of the award in red, a shade that characterizes the Best in Show of Concorso Italiano every year. The semitransparent finish makes this sculpture even more wonderful.

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