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Valentino Balboni Award 2021

Gabriele Baracco and the creative power of pandemic isolation. Each year Valentino Balboni selects a Lamborghini that ignites a passion in him.  The owner of the car is presented with the Valentino Balboni Award.  The award is a unique creation each year, designed by an Italian artist of Valentino’s selection.  Please read this brief introduction… Read More

The Best in Show Award 2021 from California for California

Every year we have the Best in Show Award designed by a prominent automotive designer.  We believe you will enjoy reading about the genesis and inspiration behind the 2021 award.  Alexander Klatt designed the award, and dear friend and beloved automotive figure, Egidio Reali of MR Collection has once again graciously fabricated Sg Klatt’s design. … Read More

Tjaarda’s Pantera

DeTomaso enthusiasts are well aware that we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the iconic Pantera.  It has been since way back in 2009 at Concorso that the only Pantera legendary designer Tom Tjaarda’s Pantera was available for viewing.   Tom was the designer of the Pantera while he was with Ghia.  His design enabled… Read More

Ferrari Judging

Each year Concorso Italiano is a host of the FCA-PR Vintage Ferrari Concours (VFC) judging. Ryan Pimentel, the FCA-PR Director of Concours will lead the judging effort with the support of an experienced and highly talented team of judges.  The VFC judging is open to all pre-2011 Ferraris and will be judged using the International… Read More

Concorso announces partnership with PCA Werks Reunion

It is official that the Porsche Club of America (PCA) will be hosting their celebrated Werks Reunion in the City of Seaside on the Monterey Peninsula, on Friday August 13, 2021.  The Reunion will be at the Bayonet Golf Course in connection and cooperation with Concorso Italiano.   On Friday, the Fairways of Bayonet will… Read More

Governor Newsom Opens California

With a tinge of envy, up here in the sunny and warm Pacific Northwest we read that California Governor Newsom has approved the resumption of all normal activities, with normal capacities for his state.  We very much look forward to coming to the Monterey Peninsula to once again revel in the hobby that we’ve been… Read More

Early 2021 Pricing Ends Friday Night

We have held our lower pricing down for a longer time this year as things were awaiting confirmations from the Governor.  Now we are full steam ahead and planning for a terrific 2021 event. June 30 is your last chance for the lower prices, so take advantage of this now before we resume the normal… Read More

We Are Ready

We’re Back! Yes, there is no doubt.  WE ARE READY! It has been a long time.  We last gathered in August, 2019.  It was less than two years ago, but it seems like an eternity, doesn’t it?  Automotive events have been few and far between, and when we have gathered it seems almost surreptitious in… Read More

Here Comes The Chief Judge

Gary Bobileff started working with Ferraris in 1969 as a Mechanic’s Apprentice at Luigi Chinetti Motors, in Greenwich, Connecticut.  In 1976, Mr. Bobileff was retained as the General Service Manager and Head Mechanic for The Ferrari Store, a Ferrari Factory Authorized Service Center located in Santa Ana, California.  Mr. Bobileff then ventured out to start… Read More

Doug Magnon Award

Every year Concorso has a group of awards that range from Best of Marque, to specialize awards, to the ultimate award, Best of Show.  This message is about the Doug Magnon Award. Doug Magnon was a strong advocate of enhancing the adventure of life through the enjoyment of automobiles.  To honor Doug’s passion and his… Read More

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