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Can you Believe?

30 years after introduction, the Lamborghini Diablo stands up as well as the day it was presented to the public.  The Diablo is a 537L fuel injected V12, capable of hitting speeds in excess of 200mph. This was the first production Lamborghini to achieve such speeds.  The car was the successor to the ground breaking… Read More

Early 2020 Pricing Ends Saturday Night

Don’t miss out on the lower prices. This Saturday (3/7) is the last day to take advantage of early pricing.  Amongst the celebrations this year, Concorso Italiano will be the 30th anniversary of the Lamborghini Diablo, the 70th anniversary of the Lancia Aurelia, and our annual Sports Car Market Alfa Romeo celebration.  Numerous additional guests… Read More

He’s Back

We are pleased to announce that Keith Martin is back.  As the Concorso Italiano Master of Ceremonies for close to 20 years, it is a wonderful feeling to welcome the publisher of Sports Car Market, Keith Martin, back to preside over the stage activities this August.  Keith will anchor the afternoon, beginning with the SCM… Read More

Celebrate the Lancia Aurelia 70th Anniversary

This August is the celebration of one of the most influential car designs in history—the Lancia Aurelia Saloon that was introduced at the Turin Auto Show on May 4th, 1950. Most reading this will not be aware of the importance and place in motoring history that the Lancia Aurelia occupies. The B20 GT is probably… Read More

We Need Your Story

How long has your car been in the family?  Every year we talk with owners who tell us stories about their cars.  We’ve often wondered how long enthusiasts have kept their car or cars in the family.  For that matter, we’ve wondered how many generations the family has owned the car. Write to us.  Tell… Read More

Concorso Visits Italy

Every year we take a trip to Italy.  We meet our friend Raffaello Porro of StudioRPR.  Together with Raffaello and his terrific team we meet with designers, collectors, museums, factories, media, and notable automotive personalities.  Occasionally, such as this year, we attend some very special events. Here is our story. We arrived on Saturday in… Read More

Registration for Lamborghini Club America Concours Judging at Concorso

Lamborghini continues to dazzle, entice and amaze car lovers with spectacular record-breaking supercars such as the new Urus SUV, Huracan Performante and earthshaking Aventador SVJ. All of which will be seen at Concorso. Historian of the marque note this is the 50-year anniversary of the last Islero made (225 units), the 40-year anniversary of the… Read More

Looking Forward to Saturday

It is only about 48 hours until the Concorso Italiano. This will be our 34th year of celebrating the world’s most beautiful cars, delicious food, an entertaining fashion show, and music to stimulate the soul. There are so many celebrations this year it was a challenge to fit everything in at the stage. We have… Read More

Last Call for Connect2Cars Wednesday Breakfast

Kick off the automotive week with a special breakfast and mingle with key automotive personalities, followed by live interviews with key industry personalities, then enthusiasts can join a drive ending at a select winery for wine tasting, lunch, and more surprises. Wednesday, August 14, 2019 Location: Bayonet Black Horse Golf Course clubhouse Last day to… Read More

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