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Ferrari Centerpiece Display

This is the 75th anniversary of the founding of Ferrari S.p.A.  In the Centerpiece Display, Concorso will have an exhibit of seven decades of spectacular examples of Ferrari.  Enzo had a vision that was initially focused on the track,  but what creations his team made as the story of Ferrari S.p.A. unfolded. The Centerpiece Display… Read More

James Caldwell

Concorso Italiano CI Club James Caldwell returns.  Mr. Caldwell has been the esteemed artist and a regular creator of the last half dozen of Concorso Italiano Event Magazine cover art work.  This year the cover is created by Maurizio Corbi our esteemed Pininfarina designer and impressive artist from Italy.  James Caldwell has still created a… Read More

MAUTO at Concorso Italiano

There is a must-see museum in Turin.  Every year we visit Turin to meet with a variety of designers, manufacturers, and always to see a world class automotive museum.  MAUTO, or Museo Nazionale Dell’Automobili (National Automobile Museum) was founded in 1933—almost 90 years ago.  In the last several years we have notice a distinct renaissance… Read More

The Concorso Italiano CI Club

For our most distinguished guests who appreciate the best in life, you will want to enjoy the best Concorso Italiano has to offer by joining us as CI Club Members.  The Club is situated with the BEST view of the day’s events, awards and festivities, CI Club is the choice for our most distinguished guests.  The… Read More

Lamborghini Club Judging at Concorso

Any car enthusiast knows the name Lamborghini, that it brings together cutting edge styling and technical design while delivering the pinnacle of performance. And similarly by its name, Concorso Italiano is the best place to see Lamborghinis. Once again we have a number of noteworthy Lamborghini anniversaries this year: 2022 looks like it may be… Read More

August 17, 2022 Connect 2 Cars

Connect2Cars now in its 7th year, will be hosted and emceed by Wade Kawasaki of Wade Kawasaki Car Guy Adventures Podcast and Nicholas Bergeron of Concorso Italiano who will kick off the Wednesday August 17 speaker breakfast with interviews of these automotive Icons. Confirmed Icons for this unique experience include a cross of designers, curators and… Read More

Doug Magnon Award

We like cars—period!  Yes that is obvious. We like all kinds of cars.  Of course we have a predilection for Italian automobiles, and the cars we largely prefer are those Italian cars that are driven—a lot. Every year Concorso presents several awards that range from Best of Marque, to specialized awards, to the ultimate award,… Read More

Ferrari Judging

Concorso Italiano is excited to announce the return of FCA-PR Vintage Ferrari Concours (VFC) judging. Ryan Pimentel, the FCA-PR Director of Concours will lead the judging effort with the support of an experienced and highly talented team of judges.  The VFC judging is open to all pre-2012 Ferraris and will be judged using the International… Read More

Early 2022 Pricing Ends Tuesday Night

*Photo credit: Frank Cunningham This is a reminder that Tuesday, May 31st, is your last chance for the lower admission and registration prices.  Take advantage of this now before the normal pricing resumes. For tickets click here.  You can select the CI Club full VIP treatments or upgrade to the Al Fresco lunch once you have… Read More

75 Years? You Bet!

*Photo credit: Rich Tsai When Enzo Ferrari reached a separation agreement with Alfa Romeo, who would have imagined what was to unfold over the next 75 years?  We are not sure we could have successfully predicted the first 75 years, and we are most certainly enjoying this wonderful ride. At Concorso Italiano this August we… Read More

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