Concorso News

Early 2019 Pricing Ends Thursday Night

Don’t miss out on the lower prices. This Thursday (2/28) is the last day to take advantage of early pricing.  Announced so far this year, Concorso Italiano will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Ferrari Dino GT.  Also on the docket is the 60th anniversary of DeTomaso.  In early March we have an exciting announcement about some very rare motorcycles.  Numerous additional guests and celebrations will soon be announced.

Tickets are currently only $140, Italian registration is $140,  Global Exotics registration is $150, and Italian motorcycles are only $70. For our guests who prefer the full VIP experience we highly recommend the CI Club.  Register to take advantage of these amazing prices.

This will be our 34th year of celebrating Italian vehicles, fashion, food, and style. Make sure you do not miss out on all the excitement.