Concorso News

FIAT AMERICA Celebrates its 50th Anniversary at Concorso

This is a call for Fiat, Abarth, and Lancia automobiles.  Fifty years ago FIAT America was founded as the premier Fiat club in North America.  The FIAT America Race, Rally, & Tour Group is wonderfully active with regular events, and will be especially busy this anniversary summer, building to a crescendo in August at Concorso Italiano.

As the host, FIAT and Abarth club will be teaming with Concorso Italiano to have Concorso as the center-piece event of FA’s 5-day club celebration activities.  Concorso and FIAT America encourages all FIAT, Abarth, and Lancia enthusiasts to join the fun at Concorso Italiano during the 50th year celebration.  FA has 5-day of events planned around the Monterey Car Week.  All are welcome to join.

Click here to register your car at Concorso this August 17th.  Click here to purchase tickets, and we invite you to click here to experience the renowned VIP CI Club.

FIAT America was founded in the summer of 1969.  Its mission, then and now, is to promote, support and enjoy the ownership, preservation and image of FIATs, and their related Italian marques. Ask any member.  Their activities range from driving events such as tours, driver schools, rallying and racing all over California, as well as social events including BBQs, wine tasting, and dinner parties.  Anyone who is interested in Italian cars will find a welcoming home here.  Look up and click on Events, or at

Enjoy the ride!