Concorso News

We are ready for Concorso 2021!

The news we are hearing in California, and specifically, Monterey County, is bringing smiles to our faces.   The plan is that we’re moving forward!  We are meeting on Saturday, August 14th at Black Horse Golf Course in Seaside.  Concorso vows to comply with all required and prudent health practices to ensure all have a fun time with our fellow enthusiasts.

  • We plan on celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Lamborghini Diablo, despite 2021 being the Diablo’s 31st year.  We were planning it last year, but, well, we all know what happened.  Let’s honor this innovative car in the Lamborghini lineup.
  • Also on the docket is In a continuation of the Alfa Romeo celebration, and in conjunction with Sports Car Market, we will celebrate The Guiletta Sprints, the historic 2000, the 2600 and the Montreal.

Alfisti will fondly remember the 2015 Duetto 50th anniversary, which was followed up by a celebration of the GTV, the new Giulia and the 4C.  In 2018 we followed the first two years with the Giulia Super and 4-door sedans (Berlina / Alfetta / Milano / 164 / Giulia).  In 2019 we celebrated the historic Giulietta and Giulia spiders, the sensuous Sprint Speciale, and the Junior Zagato.

As a unique gift, Sports Car Market is offering commemorative wine glasses with special for the first 75 registrations.

  • There is much more coming, including a review of a brief time of racing history, which is a great story.

For tickets, please click here.  To register your car or motorcycle, please click here.