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We Are Ready

We’re Back!

Yes, there is no doubt.  WE ARE READY!

It has been a long time.  We last gathered in August, 2019.  It was less than two years ago, but it seems like an eternity, doesn’t it?  Automotive events have been few and far between, and when we have gathered it seems almost surreptitious in nature.  Not too long ago we had to park our car in an underground parking garage.  We unintentionally stumbled upon a car event in the bowels of that garage.  The only directive was that we did not use our real names.  Well, we’ve survived those roughish gatherings, and now we can openly celebrate cars.  CARS!  Folks, Concorso Italiano is back and we will openly celebrate the excellence of automotive design and engineering—particularly Italian automotive excellence.  Please excuse the redundancy.

Join us on Saturday, August 14th at the beautiful Black Horse Golf Course in Seaside.  For tickets tap here.  To register your car, tap here.  For the deluxe VIP experience, tap here.  There is something for almost everyone, with new features announced each week leading up to August.  We’re thrilled to be gathering for our hobby, but more importantly, we’re thrilled to celebrate our automotive passion and gather with friends of a similar mind.  No politics.  No agendas.  Just cars and friends.  Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!