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We Need Your Story

How long has your car been in the family?  Every year we talk with owners who tell us stories about their cars.  We’ve often wondered how long enthusiasts have kept their car or cars in the family.  For that matter, we’ve wondered how many generations the family has owned the car.

Write to us.  Tell us the story of your family’s ownership of your favorite Italian car.  How long have you owned it? Who first purchased the car? Is there a story behind the purchase?  How many generations has the car been in the family? What have you done to the car? What experiences has the family had with the car?  How has the car linked generations of the family automotive enthusiasts?

Years ago, when we had a celebration of barn finds the stories of how the new owners found and purchased their finds, many of the stories were an extraordinary read, and often heartwarming.  We are looking for good stories, well told.

There is no immediate deadline.  Please craft your story, and include high resolution photos.  We will share the best stories with you. It is likely that one or more of the stories will be part of the 2020 Concorso Italiano event magazine.  Please submit your stories and photos to


2020 Concorso Event Cancelled

Due to the ongoing health concerns related to the COVID -19 virus and the uncertainty of events being permitted by state officials and the California Governor, officials at the Concorso Italiano Foundation, the owners of the Concorso Italiano have decided to cancel the 2020 event originally scheduled for Saturday August 15, 2020.  

Help Italy! Concorso will match your donation to the Cesvi Foundation. Concorso will also be donating $10 per admission ticket and vehicle registration to the fund.   Learn More