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60 years of Lamborghini

It was only ten short years ago that we were celebrating the pride of Sant’Agata.  Now it is 2023 and Lamborghini SpA has accomplished in 60 years what most brands never accomplish, and is building something special to outlast all of us.  In the face of dramatic changes in the industry, we should applaud how Lamborghini is looking to the next ten years.



Coming this August we will be celebrating the past 60 years of Lamborghini.  But not to be lost in the celebration of its history, we want to honor the forward thinking of Lamborghini. From the first model, the 350 GT, to the arguably first supercar, Miura, to the still-groundbreaking Countach, to today’s Aventador, Huracan, and Urus, Lamborghinis turn heads. Period.

We attend automotive gatherings, and when young kids are asked what car they look forward to driving, most often the name “Lamborghini” rolls off of their tongues. If you ask why, all you need to do is visit the Lamborghini field at Concorso Italiano.  Watch how owners are so welcoming to kids who are seeing the cars up close for the first time. That is enough to ignite a lifetime of passion for the brand.



At Concorso we will have a special display of Lamborghinis to help show enthusiasts how the marque has grown from 1963, and tell the story of where they are going. What will be evident is the incredible enthusiasm.


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