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July Drive was a blast! Sorry you missed it

The July Magnificent Drives of Monterey is now in the books, with a spectacular cross section of cars, enjoyable people, a wonderfully scenic drive, and delicious food & wine. Participants took a beautiful route through Carmel Valley, the San Lucia Highlands, ending at the amazing Wrath Winery. The lovely lunch was hosted and prepared by Solare Hemp.








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Connect2Cars is the place to be on Wednesday August 16.This morning event brings icons of the automotive world for an intimate, limited attendance experience. The morning activity begins with a meet, mingle and delicious breakfast.

Following breakfast is an open discussion moderated by Wade Kawasaki of Car Guy Adventures and Nicholas Bergeron of Rain City Supercars & Avants Podcast. These professionals are excellent at drawing out personal and fun history from the lives of our special guests.















Wayne Carini founder of Chasing Classic Cars, designer and manufacturer Steve Saleen, Molly Saleen, LeMans, Indy and IMSA race driver Dominic Dobson, and so many more. Hearing their stories and getting to know them will be an exceptional opportunity.

Following the breakfast and panel discussion comes the drive. All attendees of Connect2Cars are invited to bring their exotic, collector (even a rental) car on a scenic route in Monterey County to an undisclosed winery. What follows is always a wonderful casual wine tasting and lunch.

This is a very informal opportunity to sit and chat with the panelists and attendees who have made a significant contribution to the collector car industry. You will find they are as inspired by meeting with you the aficionados as you are about getting to know them.

These icons have consistently delighted the audience for an unforgettable morning. This event will sell out, do not wait to purchase your tickets.



Wayne Carini’s passion for cars started as a child, working alongside his father on classics from famous marques such as Duesenberg, Ford, Lincoln, and Packard. Wayne went for a ride in a 1960 250 SWB at the age of 9, which cemented his love for the prancing horse and fast sports cars.

With a lifetime spent in both classic car sales and restoration at F40 Motorsports, Wayne parlayed that experience into a gig hosting Chasing Classic Cars, one of the most popular automotive television shows in the world.

A dedicated family man with two daughters, Wayne is an avid supporter of autism research charities and devotes considerable time and resources to promoting the hobby with younger enthusiasts. He is the publisher of Wayne Carini’s The Chase and is working on a number of upcoming media projects including the revamped SpeedVision network.


He is best known for being the founder and former vice chairman of Saleen, Inc., originally named Saleen Autosport.

His interest in fast cars was sparked by his father’s purchase of a Porsche. Steve joined the Porsche Owners Club to work his way up through the ranks of club racing, which led to a career in professional racing.

Saleen formed Saleen Autosport in 1983 and set out to build the first Saleen Mustang, equipped with special aerodynamic, suspension and handling packages and a completely redesigned interior. The car was completed in 1984 and was immediately tested against the world’s top sports cars with great success, finishing first in its class at the Mosport 24-hour race that year.

In 1995, Saleen formed a race team with comedian Tim Allen and fellow race driver Bob Bondurant where he team raced Saleen Mustangs in the SCCA World Challenge, with Saleen and Allen themselves as the drivers.
In 1996, Saleen was (along with Carroll Shelby) inducted into the Mustang Hall of Fame.

Through the years of building the reputation behind each automotive company brand, Saleen maintained close participation throughout product development, sales, and marketing.   There is so much more to his story to hear on August 16th!

Dobson’s passion for racing began at a young age. His journey into the world of motorsport took flight when he started competing in local karting events, showcasing his natural talent and unyielding determination. Dobson’s exceptional skill behind the wheel earned him recognition and paved the way for an illustrious racing career.

Throughout his racing tenure, Dobson has participated in various forms of motorsports, ranging from open-wheel racing to sports car endurance events. His versatility as a driver was evident in his successful stints in prestigious series such as Formula Super Vee, Indy Cars and IMSA GTP.

However, it was Dobson’s success in sports car endurance racing that earned him his opportunity to race at the 1989 Le Mans 24 Hours.  He earned his reputation in the racing community, particularly for his performances in the Indy Car racing, the Indy 500 and the IMSA GTP Racing.

Dobson’s career is adorned with numerous accomplishments and remarkable milestones. In 1989, he made his debut at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, driving for the legendary Schuppen Porsche team.

His prowess behind the wheel was further demonstrated in the IMSA GTP Championship, where Dobson’s exceptional driving skills propelled him to victories and podium finishes. He has earned his reputation as one of the most skilled and accomplished drivers of his era.


Molly grew up in an automotive and racing environment which proved to be a unique and valuable experience. she spent a lot of summers at racetracks around North America and Europe attending her father’s races and learning from the “ground up” about motorsports and marketing, developing her racing spirit.

At age of 15 she attended Bob Bondurant’s School of High-Performance Driving. The first car she learned to drive was a 510 HP Saleen S351, in which she took her test for her driver’s license.

In July of 2006 “The Saleen Store” opened. Molly served as General Manager where her drive and determination made the store a great success.  She has since become the President of Saleen Performance Parts division.

Additionally, Molly runs and operates automotive companies, 3dcarbon and Xenon.



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