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Alert: All Concorso Vehicles Eligible for Pirelli Perfect Fit Award

Pirelli Tires returns to Concorso Italiano, adding a unique judging opportunity to all registered vehicles at Concorso this August.

Leading up to Concorso, Pirelli has been one of the partners with the Magnificent Monterey Monthly drives these past three months.  Only 3 days prior to Concorso, on Wednesday, August 14th, Pirelli will be partnering with the Connect2Cars feature.  At Concorso on August 17th, Pirelli Tires will be hosting the Ferrari and Lamborghini Hospitality pavilions.  They’re not done.  

The world of tires is rapidly changing, and Pirelli Tires ceaselessly introduces the latest innovations in technology and design.  They have a product for each vehicle in your collection and we encourage you to meet with Pirelli to discuss your needs. There is more.

This brings us to the next exciting Pirelli feature at Concorso on the 17th.  One of the key additions to Pirelli’s selection of tires is the period correct versions of the Pirelli historic tires.  To that end, Pirelli is offering registered Concorso exhibitors an opportunity to join a new judging opportunity: the Pirelli Perfect Fit Award.  A team from Pirelli will judge the entered cars, with a stage presentation in the afternoon. You must sign up in advance.

Here’s how you do it.  For details to enter and specific rules, please follow this link to register your car in this terrifically unique opportunity. 

Concorso Italiano is thrilled to welcome back this iconic Italian tire brand and look forward to the Perfect Fit award winner at Bayonet Black Horse this year.

Click here to join Connect2Cars on August 14th. 

Click here to register your car for Concorso Italiano.

Click here to enter your Concorso registered car in the Perfect Fit judging.