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Celebration of Alfa Romeo

We mentioned this back in February which seems so long ago.  So here it is again as a reminder.  In partnership with Keith Martin’s Sports Car Market we will be commencing a four-year celebration of Alfa Romeo.  This celebration follows on the heels of the extremely well-received celebration in 2016 of the Duetto and roundtail models.  While 2016 celebration was also a birthday party, we had such a strong outpouring of enthusiasm that we wanted to feature several of the other iconic models that have helped propel the marque into one of the world’s most revered automotive brands.

This year we will kick-off the celebration featuring the Alfa Romeo GTV, the newly introduced Giulia and of course the new Alfa 4C.  A juxtaposition of the iconic GTV and the brand new Giulias and 4Cs will give automotive enthusiasts a terrific sense of Alfa Romeo’s thrilling re-entry into the North American market.

GTV owners may want to follow Keith’s lead as he is driving his personal GTV to Concorso Italiano from Portland!  Those of you showing your treasure are encouraged to stop by the SCM booth and get a pair of SCM wine glasses, a hat and a copy of the magazine.

Next year we will celebrate the historic Giulietta and Giulia spiders.  In 2019 Concorso and SCM will celebrate the sensuous Sprint Speciale, Junior Zagato, the 2000, 2600 and Montreal.

In 2020 Concorso and SCM plan to celebrate the Guiletta Sprint and a Duetto reunion.

Alfa is an iconic brand with production models over the last 60 years that engender a passion among enthusiasts that is second to none.  By spreading the celebration over a number of years we are able to intensely focus on some of the models that Alfa aficionados hold most dear.  Join the festivities this August at Black Horse Golf Course.  Click here to register your Alfa for 2017 and be part of something very special.