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Bizzarrini Wins Concorso Italiano Best in Show

On a wonderfully sunny day at Bayonet Black Horse Golf Course in Seaside, thousands of enthusiasts gathered to celebrate the glory of Italian automobiles. As health restrictions have been lifted, the Italians arrived from “across the pond” with incredible enthusiasm. The joy and conviviality was a return to the pre-Covid days. Many beautiful cars crossed… Read More

Al Fresco nearly sold out!

The Al Fresco Lunch as been a very popular sit down and enjoy a wonderful authentic Italian lunch experience as created by Luigi’s Kitchen. Last year we sold out both lunch venues. The 12:30 seating is sold out, and there are a few spots left for the 11:00 lunch. Your last chance to know you… Read More

New Items at CI Club

Two new special features exclusively for the CI Club members. We have a presentation of a new product that is promising to be a great addition to any table – hemp!. This is not a CBD product, nor is it a product with any THC content at all.  Rather it is one of the most nutritious greens, sprouts, herbs and… Read More

Connect2Cars, August 17

A morning show interview format hosted by the infamous Wade Kawasaki and Nicholas Bergeron to interview global designers and museum experts over a wonderful breakfast spread put on by Bayonet. Then drive with these Icons of the Automotive world through the beautiful countryside of rural Monterey County – rolling hills and winery-lined roads. Ending at… Read More

Last Call for Lamborghini Club Judging at Concorso

Any car enthusiast knows the name Lamborghini, that it brings together cutting edge styling and technical design while delivering the pinnacle of performance. And similarly by its name, Concorso Italiano is the best place to see Lamborghinis.   Once again we have a number of noteworthy Lamborghini anniversaries this year: 2022 looks like it may… Read More

At the Stage

Matt Stone Matt has been the Master of Ceremonies at Concorso for over five years. His erudite delivery, encyclopedic knowledge, extensive relationships, and calmness in the midst of chaos lends Matt well to be a steadying presence at the stage. Matt is an award winning freelance journalist, author, broadcaster, event emcee, automotive consultant, international concours… Read More

Best in Show Award

Fabrizio Giugiaro Designs Best In Show Award Each year we ask a prominent automotive designer in Italy to design the Concorso Italiano Best In Show Award.  The Best in Show Award 2022 was born from the creative and visionary hands of Fabrizio Giugiaro, a name that needs no introduction in the world of car design,… Read More

Valentino Balboni Award

Each year we present the Valentino Balboni Award to a most deserving owner of a Lamborghini.  Valentino Balboni will personally select the Lamborghini present that most strikes his heart and brings a smile to his face.  Every year we have a young artist in Italy create something that speaks to them about the Raging Bull. … Read More

Adolfo Orsi (The Italians Are Coming)

They’re Back We’ve previously mentioned we are celebrating Maurizio Corbi, long-time designer with Pininfarina and also a renowned artist, and the President of MAUTO (National Car Museum in Turin), Benedetto Camerana, and Director of MAUTO, Mariella Mengozzi. But in addition to these three esteemed guests, the one and only Adolfo Orsi is coming to join… Read More


Connect2Cars now in its 7th year is not yet sold out, but we are getting down to the final seats.  The breakfast and discussion will be held on Wednesday, August 17th in Seaside at the Bayonet Black Horse Golf Course clubhouse.  The panel discussion will be emceed by Wade Kawasaki of Wade Kawasaki Car Guy… Read More

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