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We Are Ready

We’re Back! Yes, there is no doubt.  WE ARE READY! It has been a long time.  We last gathered in August, 2019.  It was less than two years ago, but it seems like an eternity, doesn’t it?  Automotive events have been few and far between, and when we have gathered it seems almost surreptitious in… Read More

Here Comes The Chief Judge

Gary Bobileff started working with Ferraris in 1969 as a Mechanic’s Apprentice at Luigi Chinetti Motors, in Greenwich, Connecticut.  In 1976, Mr. Bobileff was retained as the General Service Manager and Head Mechanic for The Ferrari Store, a Ferrari Factory Authorized Service Center located in Santa Ana, California.  Mr. Bobileff then ventured out to start… Read More

Doug Magnon Award

Every year Concorso has a group of awards that range from Best of Marque, to specialize awards, to the ultimate award, Best of Show.  This message is about the Doug Magnon Award. Doug Magnon was a strong advocate of enhancing the adventure of life through the enjoyment of automobiles.  To honor Doug’s passion and his… Read More

Lamborghini Diablo

Thirty-one Years? It isn’t often that we celebrate 31 years of anything, except maybe birthdays and wedding anniversaries. Who ever heard of celebrating an automotive 31st anniversary? Well, at Concorso we promised to celebrate the Lamborghini Diablo’s 30th anniversary in 2020. We all know what happened in 2020, which brings us to 2021. This August… Read More

Jacob’s Heart

Concorso Italiano Foundation has been partnering with Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Support Services as we continue to have a superior impact with the charity contributions on the Monterey Peninsula.  We are honored to place our full support with Jacob’s Heart as they are dedicated to improving the quality of life for children with cancer and… Read More

Cesvi Foundation

Hello Friends, Concorso Italiano Foundation is thrilled that we can gather once again this August.  As North America continues to emerge from the battles with the Covid-19 outbreak, we are acutely aware that not all regions of the world are on the road to recovery.  Specifically, our heart goes out to how hard the virus… Read More

Pantera Milestone at Concorso

Fifty years ago, the mercurial Argentine, Alejandro DeTomaso, sold an idea to the Lincoln/Mercury division of the Ford Motor Company.  That idea was the Pantera. Introduced in 1971, DeTomaso worked with Italian designer Ghia with the respected Tom Tjaarda as the lead designer.  Over 5,000 Panteras were built, and it became Sg. DeTomaso’s best-selling and… Read More

Ferrari Judging

Concorso Italiano is excited to announce the return of FCA-PR Vintage Ferrari Concours (VFC) judging. Ryan Pimentel, the FCA-PR Director of Concours will lead the judging effort with the support of an experienced and highly talented team of judges.  The VFC judging is open to all pre-2011 Ferraris and will be judged using the International… Read More

Lamborghini Countach 50th

1971 was a big year for the introduction of new models.  Lamborghini’s new entry set the automotive world on fire. At precisely 10 am on March 11, 1971 at the Geneva Motor Show, Lamborghini rolled out a new car.  It was designed by the same man who did their previous supercar, the Miura, so everyone expected something daring.  They… Read More

The Lambda Turns 100

One hundred years ago Italy saw the first iteration of the Lancia Lambda.  Vincenzo Lancia was inspired during a sea journey.  Impressed with the strength of the boat’s hull as it cut through the ocean swells, Vincenzo conceived the concept of a unibody car.  He applied for and received a patent for unitary construction.  After… Read More

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