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Doug Magnon Award

We like cars—period!  Yes that is obvious.

We like all kinds of cars.  Of course we have a predilection for Italian automobiles, and the cars we largely prefer are those Italian cars that are driven—a lot.

Every year Concorso presents several awards that range from Best of Marque, to specialized awards, to the ultimate award, Best of Show.  This message is about the highly coveted yet not highly covered – The Doug Magnon Award.

Doug Magnon was a strong advocate of enhancing the adventure of life through the enjoyment of automobiles.  Doug Magnon drove his cars, they didn’t sit.  

To honor Doug’s passion and his steadfast support of the automotive community, Concorso Italiano annually presents the Preservation Award this August in Monterey.  The Preservation Award will be for the owner who was never tempted to upgrade or enhance the cars, but is always tempted to take them on long winding roads.  Preservation does NOT mean it is factory or concours perfect.  Rather, it means the driving experience has been preserved. There may be a lot more miles on the cars than when it left the factory, but the thrill is the same.

To submit your vehicle for consideration please register your car here.  To see these wonderful, operating preserved cars please tap here. 

As a reminder, when you register your car or purchase your ticket select the option to upgrade for our preferred VIP experience at the CI Club.