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Ferrari Judging

Each year at Concorso Italiano we have what is one of the largest concours for Ferrari owners.  2018 continues this tradtion.  The FCA-PR Vintage Ferrari Concours (VFC) judging will be headed by Ryan Pimentel, the FCA-PR Director of Concours.  He will be leading the judging effort with the support of an experienced and highly talented team of judges. The VFC judging is open to all pre-2010 Ferraris and will be judged using the International Advisory Council for the Preservation of the Ferrari Automobile (IAC/PFA) Guidelines.

Ferrari owners who want their cars judged in the VFC are strongly urged to register immediately.  Ferrari owners who have previously registered their automobile should email Concorso Italiano ([email protected]) to sign up for registration.  There is only a limited amount of space available in each class.  The judging fee is $35.  If you are not already registered, please visit our website and register today.  Be sure to click the box requesting your car to be judged.