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A Half Century in the Cavallino Stable

Fifty glorious years ago Maranello introduced the Ferrari 365 GTB/4 at the Paris Auto Show.  Unofficially known as the Daytona, the 365 GTB/4 was designed by then Pininfarina’s (and Concorso favorite) Leonardo Fioravanti.  Examples of this front-engined, rear wheel drive beauty are occasionally seen at Concorso, but 2018 will be the opportunity to celebrate the car, and through the event magazine, learn more about its history and some inside stories about this stunning model.

Also on the semicentennial docket is the related 365 GTC.  Although only 168 examples of this car were ever made beginning in 1968, the 365 GTC was introduced as the successor to the 330 GTC.  With a little more horsepower, and slightly different venting, this stunningly beautiful model has aged very nicely.  While elegant in appearance, the 365 GTC still projects that sporty elegance commonly found in Ferraris of the era.

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