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Helping Italy

Will you help us make a difference for those in Italy affected by Covid 19?

Help us raise money to help out our friends and family most impacted in Northern Italy.

Go Here to make a direct donation.
Hello Friends,

We are all aware of the Covid-19 outbreak across North America.  Most of us also know how hard the virus has hit Italy.

In northern Italy, about 30 miles northeast of Milan, is Bergamo, the Italian epicenter of the Covid-19 outbreak.  Bergamo and the surrounding regions are also home to many of the manufacturers and suppliers of our favorite Italian automotive brands.

This beautiful area is where many of the news stories of the thousands of infections and hundreds of deaths are occurring in Italy.

Concorso Italiano invites you to join us in helping to provide resources to the medical and service communities that are providing the desperately needed support to the people in the region, especially the elderly.

With our partners, we researched, spoke with relations who reside in the region, and through this Concorso network, we identified Cesvi Foundation to send much needed support for the Foundation’s noble work.

We invite you to participate with us.

Join us helping our Italy family with your donation

Here is the essence of the Cesvi Foundation’s life-saving efforts in Italy.  They provide medical protective equipment to the main hospital in Bergamo.  Cesvi also helps the elderly and families to shelter in place by providing equipment, food and support services directly in their homes.

The Cesvi Foundation’s support enables the hospital to focus on the most critical cases.  Click the link at the end of this email to see the details about the great work provided at the Cesvi Foundation

There are three ways you can join us:

  • When you purchase your ticket or register your vehicle, you will have the option to make an additional contribution to the Concorso Italiano Foundation, designated to be donated to the Cesvi Foundation.

We strive to have a better impact to our friends in Bergamo and vicinity.  We have asked selected partner sponsors of Concorso Italiano to join us in offering a matching program.  We will update you as they come on board.

Concorso Italiano Foundation will pool the contributions and will send the collected funds directly to Cesvi.

  • If you have already purchased a ticket or registered your car and want to make a donation, Concorso Italiano will of course still match your contribution –  please do so Here

Please thoughtfully consider making a contribution of any size to Cesvi.  We know they are a reputable and responsible organization, which means your contribution will be maximized.

We pray for healing and recovery of both our nations and of all people affected.  Every contribution makes a difference.

A most heartful thank you,

Thomas McDowell
Concorso Italiano Foundation

Find Out More about Cesvi Foundation