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Is it a Ferrari?

An emphatic YES!

In 1969 Ferrari introduced the Dino 246 GT.  That was 50 years ago.  So, we are going to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the spectacular Dino 246.

The Dino was designed by the indefatigable Leonardo Fioravanti.  The 246 was an update of the Dino 206 introduced only a year earlier.  This transverse-mounted V6 engine was superseded in 1969 with a more powerful engine, a body made from steel instead of aluminum, and a slightly longer wheelbase.  And what an evolution it was.

Well more than 3,000 of these lovely, flowing curves of automotive sensuality were made before production ended in 1974.  About two-thirds of the cars were Berlinettas.  The other third of the production run was the GTS targa top version, no less appealing than the GT.

We’ve witnessed and been dragged through numerous discussions with Tifosi who assert the Dino is not a Ferrari.  We listen respectfully, but at Concorso we firmly fall into the camp that a Dino is a Ferrari—period.

Editor’s note—The first time we saw a Dino was in the early ‘70s at a dealer in San Jose across the road from the BMC dealer.  While waiting on the BMC parts department for some electrical parts, we wandered to the competitor to gawk at perhaps the sexiest car our eyes had ever seen.  The car was giallo (yellow).  Even though it wasn’t rosso, it still looked sensational.  It’s been permanently etched into our memory.  Decades later in a quiet moment with Sg. Fioravanti, we were able to convey how his design forever changed our vision of automotive design.

Here is a call for Dino owners to bring your GT or GTS to Concorso this August for a celebration of the iconic Dino.  Go here to register your vehicle  Click here to purchase tickets.