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Pirelli Joins Concorso

We are pleased to announce that Concorso Italiano is partnering with Pirelli Tire North America.  Leading up to Concorso on August 17th, Pirelli is sponsoring the Magnificent Monthly Monterey drives taking scenic routes in the exotic cars to fabulous wineries, all while raising money for the Concorso Italiano Foundation who is supporting Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Support Services.

Look for the drive on June 22nd.

Pirelli is among the world’s major producers of tires and it is global leader in the prestige and premium segments. With more than 140 years of history and passion, Pirelli has enriched and expanded its portfolio of premium products to include tires aimed at matching the style – and enhancing the performance, of classic cars: the Pirelli Collezione range. Which is why partnering with Concorso Italiano is such a perfect fit. With the display of hundreds of the country’s best Italian cars, outfitting them with authentic Pirelli tires completes the look.  In fact, Pirelli will be conducting special judging of Period Correct cars for a new award at Concorso Italiano: The Pirelli Perfect Fit Award.  For vehicle exhibitors choosing to participate in this judging for 2019, please register here.

By registering at the Pirelli pavilion at Concorso Italiano, attendees will be eligible for a set of Pirelli tires for their treasured automobiles! 

Pirelli is honored to partner with Concorso Italiano and we look forward to meeting you on the Monthly drives and at the Concorso Italiano event on August 17.  To receive more Pirelli updates, make sure to Keep in Touch

To register your car for Concorso click here.  For tickets, click here.  And for the highly recommended CI Club for a VIP experience, click here.  Join us this August, and be sure to Keep in Touch with Pirelli.