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SPECTACULAR CARS at Concorso Italiano 2017

Mulholland Speedster

As enthusiasts we appreciate the art and beauty of the Italian engineering, style and class that goes into these amazing works of mechanical art.  While the Mulholland Speedster is clearly not Italian, this multiple award winning roadster, owned by Bellevue Washington’s Bruce Wanta, is an amazing work of art that any car lover will appreciate.

The build on this car took over 6 years with the meticulous attention to detail and has been awarded “America’s most beautiful roadster”.  This 1936 Packard-based creation of Troy Ladd’s Hollywood Hot Rods

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This car will be on display at the Car Guy Tour pavilion between the Maserati displays and the Ferrari displays.

ZagatoTZ3 Stradale

With 2017 as the start a 4 year celebration of Alfa Romeo, it is only appropriate that we kick off this year with the Zagato designed TZ3 Stradale, number 9 of 9, 2013.  This beautiful car has won awards across the country

This terrific specimen of a car was delivered from the Zagato facility in Milan on February 15, 2013.  It proudly bears the Alfa Romeo placard, and will be distinctly displayed in the Alfa Romeo centerpiece display.