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The Lambda Turns 100

One hundred years ago Italy saw the first iteration of the Lancia Lambda.  Vincenzo Lancia was inspired during a sea journey.  Impressed with the strength of the boat’s hull as it cut through the ocean swells, Vincenzo conceived the concept of a unibody car.  He applied for and received a patent for unitary construction.  After creating a design team, they built the first Lambda for testing in 1921.  

The first Lambda was a four-seat tourer.  During the autumn of 1921 Lancia rigorously tested the car on the mountainous roads near Turin.  About a year later the car was introduced at the Paris and London motor shows.

At Concorso this August we invite you to see a several examples of this innovatively beautiful car—a true testament to the engineering and design genius of its day.  The Lambda is as pleasing to the eyes today as it was 100 years ago.

To register your vehicle, click here.  For tickets, click here.  For the VIP CI Club experience please click here.  We look forward to you joining us this August 14 at the Bayonet Golf Course in Seaside as we celebrate the Lambda 100th anniversary.