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Carbonadi the vodka of Concorso and the signature cocktail

Concorso Italiano is pleased to announce our partnership with the House of Carbonadi and the Carbonadi Italian Vodka.  Imagine a spirit that is pure, premium, and luxurious at its core, being distilled from the highest quality Italian wheat and masterfully blended with the pristine waters of the Italian Alps.

The vodka produced by the House of Carbonadi comes from a legendary family-owned distillery located in the Piedmont region of northern Italy. Surrounded on three sides by the Alps and bordering France and Switzerland, Piedmont is famous for its mountainous landscapes, beautiful lakes, and acres of vineyards. With beautiful rolling hills topped by picturesque towns, Piedmont is famous for much of Italy’s best wines and for its very high quality organic Italian wheat.

This ultra-Premium vodka is THE vodka of Concorso Italiano and will be featured as the only vodka at all the of the event bars, with special Signature Cocktail – the refreshing and delicious Cucumber Martini -available to our CI Club members (today is your last day to join the CI Club Here) and at the Friday evening early placement party and reception.

Help us to welcome this ultra-premium sponsor to the Concorso Italiano Family and enjoy something very special at this year’s event!