Concorso News

NEW Ticketing and Vehicle check in procedures

This is a special note to everyone planning to attend the Concorso Italiano this coming Saturdayincluding all attendees, and registered vehicle owners.  For 2017, ALL ticketing, registration, and admission are handled electronically.  When you registered your car or purchased a ticket, you will have received a Scan Code (looks like a QR code) and your ticket confirmation.

Please print the ticket or have it readily available on your smart device.

If your display vehicle or attendance includes a hospitality tent access CI Club, Al Fresco Lunch or other component you will receive the necessary credentials when you arrive. You will not have received a packets this year.

Later this week, you will receive a specific email with maps, directions and instructions later this week.  Please review the directions and new instructions – especially for vehicles being shown at the event.  We have made some upgrades to the layout to expedite your placement to the field and are confident this will get you in the event very smoothly!