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Concorso Live – Virtually

We said we’d have a virtual event.  Here is what is planned.  In conjunction with The Petersen Automotive Museum, Concorso Italiano will present a virtual Concorso.  We invite all Concorso enthusiasts to submit a short 90-120 second video of your vehicle using your phone.

Here are our strong suggestions:

Suggested Equipment – Always shoot in landscape (horizontal) format

  • Apple iPhone 8 or newer/Samsung Galaxy S9 or newer
  • Camera person or tripod
  • (optional) DJI phone gimbal
  • (optional) Lavalier microphone


  • (ideal) cloudy weather, early morning, or dusk
  • If in direct sunlight, please ensure the sun is in front of your vehicle, not behind
  • Open air free of other vehicles or objects

Key Points

  • Introduce yourself
  • Mention the year/make/model of your vehicle
  • Special features (if any)
  • Tell the story of your vehicle while showing your vehicle’s details (interior, exterior and engine bay)
  • Feel free to start the engine, but ensure your voice can be heard if you are talking

Our friend Mark Greene of Cars Yeah provides a great example.  

Upload your video to this link:  Virtual Event

If you have questions, please let us know.  [email protected]