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As announced last week, Concorso is working with The Petersen Automotive Museum to present a virtual event in lieu of being able to gather in person, due to Covid-19 restrictions.  As much as we would like to gather live on the beautiful green fairways of Bayonet Black Horse Golf Course, we will sate our Italian car lust via a virtual event that will be presented on the morning of August 15th.

Here is more information:

Submit a short 90-120 second video of your vehicle using your phone.

Our strong suggestions:

Suggested Equipment – Always shoot in landscape (horizontal) format

  • Apple iPhone 8 or newer/Samsung Galaxy S9 or newer
  • Camera person or tripod
  • (optional) DJI phone gimbal
  • (optional) Lavalier microphone


  • (ideal) cloudy weather, early morning, or dusk
  • If in direct sunlight, please ensure the sun is in front of your vehicle, not behind
  • Open air free of other vehicles or objects

Key Points

  • Introduce yourself
  • Mention the year/make/model of your vehicle
  • Special features (if any)
  • Tell the story of your vehicle while showing your vehicle’s details (interior, exterior and engine bay)
  • Feel free to start the engine, but ensure your voice can be heard if you are talking

Additional Information and Suggestions

  • We invite every owner of an Italian car to participate in this complimentary event.
  • All videos must be submitted no later than July 10th.  We cannot accept submissions after the 10th.
  • Music is OK in your video if you are so technologically inclined, but in terms of audio what is most important is your voice.  We want to hear you tell us about your car.  Tell us the items in “Key Points” above, and feel free to tell us why you purchased the car and the adventures you’ve had with it.  Please don’t let any music drown your voice.
  • We will be judging the cars by marque, just as we do every year for the last 3½ decades.
  • We may need to edit some videos if they run a little long, but we will not add any content for this virtual event.  What you submit is what we will see.

Our friend Mark Greene of Cars Yeah provides a great example.  Please watch this video.  We can hear Mark very clearly.  We get a great view of his car, and his passion is quite evident.

Upload your video to this link:  Virtual Event

If you have questions, please let us know.  [email protected]