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Francesca Lugli: A Melody of Emotions that Slide Between Water and Color

The Valentino Balboni Award is back at Concorso.  Sg. Balboni will present the award to the owner of the most beautiful Lamborghini.  Knowing how many spectacular Lambos that will be on the field, it won’t be an easy choice for him.

This year the Valentino Balboni Award will be a work of the young Italian artist, Francesca Lugli.  Born in 1982, originally from Carpi (Modena), Francesca is a watercolor painter, and the second artist from the Emilia Romagna region, after Luca Raimondi in 2018, to be invited to present a work.

Entitled “The Sign of Creation”, Francesca’s work embodies speed, strength, character, determination, sensuality, and transport—a dream that becomes reality because it is not afraid of anything.

Francesca said: “Ferruccio’s dream finds no obstacles, because there are no obstacles to the will.  He decides to create something unique against everyone, like an indelible mark in history that will never pass, always destined to go on.  It leaves behind its passage only wonder, the creation of a masterpiece but it also leaves a strong message: to always believe in one’s own sensations, and with determination and heart to carry them on, without fear “.

Francesca revolutionized her life to follow the artistic instinct, devoted to art, passion and emotions.  She defines herself as an artist in a constant search for simple, true and pure communication, and her works were born as the first signs of communication and connection with herself.  Her favorite artistic current: life. Her source of inspiration: herself. The subjects of her works: emotions. “Painting is showing something that does not exist or already exists, but that you can represent with your eyes“.

Francesca proposed the first exhibitions of her watercolor paintings in 2017 and focuses on Emotional Design as a form of communication and direct expression. This method uses colors as a verb to communicate emotions.

Her works are cards held inside a natural cardboard frame, on which a sentence is imprinted manually to help reading the drawing.  She loves painting outdoors, surrounded by nature, near water sources, places where you feel in your natural environment. Being close to the water and being able to look at it is the best preparation for creative work and the way to let ideas, emotions and feelings flow more freely.

The most faithful expressive technique to her are the watercolors because they represent the art form closest to life, water.  She started with blue: in addition to representing the color of water, it is the color of communication; from blue she then passed to yellow and green, to include all the colors of the rainbow.  She paints with strong, bright, bright colors, the most loved and used by children because they are full of true and pure energy, like them.

Of the four wheels she recognizes beauty and captures the aesthetic nuances and the spirit with which they were made.  Faced with the choice between a vintage or a contemporary supercar, she would choose the vintage one for the charm of other times that she transmits, but her “romantic rock” soul, as she likes to define herself, makes her appreciate strength, aggressiveness and novelty of modern cars.

Everything flows in life and in what is alive” (Panta rei, Heraclitus)