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How About Something Italian and French

Automotive history is replete with new manufacturers, fading manufacturers, joint ventures, sales of brands, acquisition of brands, and even blending of brands.  This short story is about a blending of two venerable brands.  It was short-lived, but it was wonderful.

All automotive enthusiasts are familiar with the French manufacturer named Citroën. We have not had this brand in the US for several generations, but it is still going strong in Europe.  Citroën has a proud history and there was an era where Citroën was a leader in automotive hydraulics.

In 1968 Citroën purchased Maserati.  It seemed Citroën wanted the Maserati high-performance engine technology for its Citroën DS. It took a little while, but in 1970 Citroën introduced the Citroën SM at the Geneva Motor Show with the Maserati V6 engine.  Over a short run of five years almost 13,000 SMs were built.  Of that number, only about 2,400 were sold in North America, the rest being sold in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Citroën declared bankruptcy in 1974 and was taken over by Peugeot, which then divested from Maserati. How times change.

Citroën owners are incredibly enthusiastic about their cars, and frankly, there is much about the SM for them to be enthusiastic.  We will be having a special display of the SM and encourage you to ask questions about this very important phase of Citroën and Maserati history.

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