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Jacob’s Heart

Concorso Italiano Foundation is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Support Services.  With the Concorso Italiano Foundation looking to have a superior impact with the charity contributions on the Monterey Peninsula, we are excited to throw our full support to Jacob’s Heart.  Jacob’s Heart is dedicated to improving the quality of life for children with cancer, and supporting their families in the challenges they face.  This family support often times makes all the difference in the ability and effectiveness of the treatments a child needs. 

Jacob’s Heart envisions a community where every child with a serious illness has a strong, supported and informed family, empowered to fully participate in their care.  They strive to inspire compassionate action with local communities to create a safety net of support for the unique needs of each child and family.  These services include grocery delivery, transportation to make certain all appointments are kept and treatment on track, clothing and games for siblings as well as the children with these horrific diseases. 

Concorso Italiano Foundation, having had team members and family impacted by this horrific disease, knows all too well the trauma cancer inflicts on both patients and their families.  We will be are most pleased to be working closely with Jacob’s Heart to bring awareness to their mission, and to help raise funds to further propel this key organization in such an important mission.

When you see the volunteers at Concorso Italiano this August, be sure to thank them for helping us raise money for Jacob’s Heart!