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Lamborghini Club America Judging at Concorso

Registration for Lamborghini Club America Concours Judging at Concorso

This year is an exciting year for Lamborghini lovers around the world as we celebrate the 50-year anniversary of the debut at the 1968 Geneva Auto Show of both the Lamborghini Islero (successor to the 400GT) and the Lamborghini Espada. It is also another significant anniversary when 20 years ago Volkswagen Group purchased Lamborghini. Since then, under the Audi Division, Lamborghini has rolled out a string of exciting supercars with cutting edge designs and advanced technologically, including the Murcielago, Gallardo, Aventador and Huracan, not to mention the special editions Reventon and Sesto Elemento, and the introduction this year of the Urus SUV.

Roger Wiersema and Michael Palmieri, Co-Chief Judges for the Lamborghini Club America (LCA), coordinated by Andrew Romanowski, President of LCA, will lead the LCA judging effort with the support of an experienced and highly talented team of judges covering approximately five classes of vintages and types. LCA judging is open to all Lamborghinis and will be judged using the LCA judging instructions and scoring sheet available at the LCA website.

Winners are eligible to receive a beautiful LCA Award trophy and Concorso audience recognition as they drive across the Concorso stage to receive their award.  If you are not already registered for Concorso, please visit our website and register today.  After you have registered for Concorso, please let the LCA judges know if you plan to have your car judged at:  [email protected]. There is no LCA judging registration fee but there will be a limit to the number of cars in each LCA judging class, so Lamborghini owners who want their cars judged at Concorso by LCA are strongly urged to let the LCA judges know so you are put on the top of the list and avoid being shut out. Registration will be at the LCA tent at Concorso on Saturday August 25th, between 9am and 930am.