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Maserati Merak Celebration

We recently celebrated the Maserati Bora.  Why stop there.  The Bora’s close cousin, the Merak, is certainly worthy of celebration so this year it is happening. Further, given that we are also celebrating the Citroen SM, it should follow that the time is right to celebrate the Merak because it has elements of Citroen hydropneumatics incorporated into its suspension and braking.

The Merak has a smaller engine than the Bora, a V6 versus a V8, which created enough room to have a set of seats for small adults or children.  The car was penned by Giorgetto Giugiaro at Italdesign, and featured two open buttresses giving it a distinctive look.

The Merak, in variations, had a run of more than 11 years, with over 1,800 cars produced, under two different owners. The car was developed and introduced under ownership of Citroen, and then in 1977 Maserati was purchased by Alejandro DeTomaso, where the Merak continued for another 6 years.



In our youth, our formative automotive years, we saw the Merak as edgy and more exotic as compared to the British sports car we were driving. We like to believe that it was more reliable too, although Lucas electronics did not enable us to set the bar very high in terms of reliability.

We expect a healthy display of Merak’s this year. We invite you register you car or purchase tickets below.

Concorso is on August 19th at the lovely and growing Bayonet Black Horse Golf Course.


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