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Seventy Years of the Lancia Appia

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There is something quite special about the Lancia brand.  It has such a storied history of beautifully sinuous cars with luxurious elegance.  A brand seen so regularly in cinematic history, from the 1930s to 1960s, the American automotive audience might not be appreciative of the brand’s contribution to automotive excellence.

This year we will be celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Lancia Appia.  Introduced in 1953, the Appia was a replacement of the pre-war Ardea.  The Appia was a smaller, 4-person passenger car, with looks quite similar to the fairly new Aurelia.

Over 100,000 Appias were produced in its 10+ years of production. Of that number, roughly 3,000 Appias were commercial vehicles, and 5,000 were chassis provided to coachbuilders.

The predominant number of Appias were designed by Pinin Farina, Vignale (Michelotti), and Zagato, not to mention a sort of who’s who of coachbuilders for the aforementioned 5,000 chassis.

The Appia eventually gave way to the Fulvia, relegating the model to history, and now a celebration at Concorso Italiano.

We invite you to join the celebration and talk with the owners of these cars for a true education of automotive history.  To register your car  or purchase ttickes, click below
See you on August 19th at Bayonet Black Horse Golf Course.

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