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The Best in Show Award 2021 from California for California

Every year we have the Best in Show Award designed by a prominent automotive designer.  We believe you will enjoy reading about the genesis and inspiration behind the 2021 award.  Alexander Klatt designed the award, and dear friend and beloved automotive figure, Egidio Reali of MR Collection has once again graciously fabricated Sg Klatt’s design.  This is going to be a special award to the owner selected by Concorso Italiano judges for the Best in Show Award.

Alexander Klatt, Californian designer of German origins and Chief Creative Officer of Automobili Estrema, the new automotive brand that recently presented “Fulminea”, the first full-electric hypercar, has associated his name with that of Concorso Italiano, designing the Best in Show Award 2021 which, as per tradition, is awarded every year to the most prestigious car on display on the green of the Bayonet and Black Horse Golf Course.

The award designed by the visionary and talented world-class designer is an absolute tribute to the nation that most represents car design in the world, Italy.

Klatt’s work starts from the history of Italian car design, which has always generated a sense of unique passion, and is inspired by the shapes of some of the most seductive and beautiful cars ever made by Bel Pease, sports cars with the “front mid-engine” architecture, better known as GT (Gran Turismo).

Alexander says: “The Best in Show Award 2021 honors the beauty and success of cars with long bonnets and wants to represent in a sculpture the future vision of a next generation of Gran Turismo Made in Italy, defining a new era of supercars, certainly Italian and perhaps who knows also electric.”

Alexander Klatt is an innovation oriented automotive design executive with 25+ years of experience, who fell in love with automotive styling during his automotive engineering education in Munich, Germany. 

With his unique understanding how brand identity with style identity and advanced engineering work in harmony, Alexander is truly a ‘car creator’ who believes in what he does, and it shows. He is known for his hands-on operational experience taking advanced car concepts to a successful market launch as core member in early-stage start-ups (Fisker Automotive and Karma Automotive) and collected international industry experience with Fortune Global 100 companies (Mercedes Benz and BMW Group).

Early 2019, Mr. Klatt founded his own consultant firm L.A.Flav’r, based in Los Angeles. He says: “Our mission is to help clients build or strengthen their individual Brand Identity in combination with an authentic Style Identity, potentially combined with advanced engineering solutions to grow our client’s reputation and business success progressively. Basically, to offer everything I learned and experienced throughout my career.”

The award was created by MR Collection Models of Egidio Reali, the historical partner of the event.

Egidio Reali builds models of cars, the best in the world.  To be recognized as the best manufacturer of all, he had to catch hundreds or perhaps thousands of planes, traveling tirelessly during the twenty-five years of life of his company.  It is called MR Collection and is based in Gerenzano, half an hour by train from Malpensa International Airport.  A company that has established itself as a worldwide leader, becoming the official supplier of the most prestigious brands in the universe of motoring.  Since 1988 when his company was founded, he has traveled to every corner of the world, more and more frequently, longer, and farther.

Egidio is not a suit-and-tie man.  When you go to see him at his factory, he almost always wears the white coat of a craftsman or artist, as he is often called.  Even today, even though his company has grown in terms of production, sales, and staff, he firmly insists on personally checking his model cars—all of them. The company located in Gerenzano is small, but it has established itself in the world of model making with the strength of a giant by building relationships with the largest car manufacturers in the world, sharing their productive paths, insights, and standards.

To register your car please click here.  To purchase tickets please click here.  We look forward to seeing you on August 14, and to see the Best in Show Award presented to the worthy winner.