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Tjaarda’s Pantera

DeTomaso enthusiasts are well aware that we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the iconic Pantera.  It has been since way back in 2009 at Concorso that the only Pantera legendary designer Tom Tjaarda’s Pantera was available for viewing.   Tom was the designer of the Pantera while he was with Ghia.  His design enabled the Pantera to survive the scrutiny of US regulators.  Who knows what the car would have looked like in the US if not for Tom.

Bruce Wanta, the owner of the only Pantera Mr. Tjaarda ever owned, has agreed to share this beautiful car with Italian car enthusiasts.  We miss Mr. Tjaarda.  He is responsible for some of the iconic Italian designs, most notably the Pantera, and the Fiat 124.  But more importantly, he was a prince of a man, and modest to his core.  Join us as we celebrate the model.  Thank you Tom, and thank you Bruce.

To join the celebration register your car here.  To join the Italian car joy, purchase your tickets here.