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Barry Meguiar, President of Meguiar's Car Care Products

Wednesday August 14, Connect2Cars

We have created a wonderful way to kick off the automotive week with a special breakfast and mingle with key automotive personalities, followed by an enthusiast drive,  ending at a select winery for wine tasting, lunch, and more surprises.

Click here to join the breakfast, the discussions, the drive, and lunch.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019
at the Clubhouse at Bayonet Black Horse Golf Course

8 am Breakfast & Speakers 
10:30 am Drive Kickoff 
End at winery with a delicious Lunch

This is an amazing opportunity to meet and mingle with select icons in the exotic car world including Barry Meguiar, President of Meguiar’s Car Care Products, Raffaello Porro of Italy-based StudioRPR, Bruce Wanta owner of “The world’s most beautiful roadster”, the Mulholland Speedster, and others to be announced.

Your $195 admission includes breakfast, drive, lunch and a special gift bag from select sponsors.

After breakfast and mingling with these icons, there will be interviews conducted in a morning-show format hosted by Dan Putnam and Nicholas Bergeron of the Rain City Supercars podcast.  Audience questions are of course welcomed.

After breakfast, attendees will take one of 3 scenic routes to enjoy the Magnificent roads of Monterey county– away from the chaos of car week – and meet back for a delicious wine tasting and lunch at a select, top tier winery to be disclosed at start of the drive.  Special thanks to Heacock Insurance, Pirelli Tires, Meguiar’s car care products, Jet Center Events and Solare. 


The proceeds from the event will support Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Support Services.  

Simply click here to join the breakfast, the discussions, the drive, and lunch.