Concorso News

Where Are We?

We ask, where are we in the run-up to Concorso Italiano?  Well, being unable to meet in 2020 we are finding that people are very enthusiastic about Car Week in general, and most germane to us, ready to subsume ourselves in the Italian automotive world—all shapes and sizes, and all colors of the rainbow.

Even if there were no anniversaries to celebrate, no new cars to ogle, and no beautiful setting, we want normalcy!  We want to see old friends.  We want to make new friends.  We want cars.  We want to talk about our cars.  We want to talk about our drives.  We want human interaction with people of kindred spirits.  We want to laugh, and love, and celebrate the automotive world that has brought so much function and art into our lives.  We want the sweet life once again!

This year at Concorso we are celebrating numerous anniversaries.  Two of the anniversaries, the Lancia Lambda’s 100th, and the Lamborghini Countach’s 50th, represent cars that brought a new dynamic to the automotive world.  Come to the stage and hear the experts talk about what made these two models so special in their era.  Talk to the owners.  Ask questions.  That is the joy of Concorso.  People are approachable and frankly, they want you to ask questions.  Ask that Dino owner why she bought the Dino.  Ask the Duetto owner about his motivation to buy that wonderfully sexy car.  This is an event for car people, to talk about their cars to others who want to learn.

We have awards.  We have the Doug Magnon Preservation Award.  We’ve previously described this award, but it is for people who drive their cars, regularly.  We have the Valentino Balboni Award to be presented by none other than Concorso favorite Valentino Balboni to the owner of Sg. Balboni’s favorite Lamborghini.  Mr. Barry Meguiar will be presenting a most special award for the car with the best finish.

We have a gentleman who was there for the entire development of the Lamborghini Diablo.  He’s got the intriguing inside story and will be on stage to share it with us.

Given our proximity to Hollywood (in a global perspective) we will have some Hollywood automotive celebrities on stage to tell their stories.  If you want fun, information, and insight, come to Concorso.  If you seek a solitary, introspective Zen moment, there is a mountain peak just south of Carmel Valley.

Just relax, enjoy this day of your life, meet someone new, and take home some new knowledge.


The Fun concludes on Saturday, August 14th at 4:00pm, but take some of that fun home with you.